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About Modra Wine Cellars Day

Modra is an old vineyard town with a well preserved traditional architechture. Prepare to be charmed by ancient stone wine cellars and vineyard courtyards. During our event you can visit fourty unique wineries and have a taste of all wines of region Male Karpaty. With yout tickets you can freely visit any winery on the list and use shuttle bus service free of charge.

The catalogue includes a map that will help you orientate yourself so finding any cellar, bus stop, ceramics shop, exhibition or a place to grab a bite will be easy and safe.

Our website is not only a place where you can buy your tickets, it is also a helpful guide for finding the perfect accommodation, restaurant or a local attraction.

Event organization

  • each visitor gets 50 wine tasting tickets for purchasing wine samples and a wine purchase bonus in the amount of 5 €
  • one wine sample (sweet wines excluded) can cost from 1 to 3 wine tasting tickets
  • the price of sweet (dessert) wines varies and is set by each winery (maximum value is 5 tickets)
  • 1 wine sample = 0.03 l
  • price information can be also found in the event catalogue
  • you can purchase extra wine tasting tickets at the old town hall (same place as for the ticket pick up) until 9 PM on the day of the event.
  • in case you break your wine tasting glass, you can buy a new one at the old town hall (same place as for the ticket pick up)

The wine tasting ticket system helps to elevate our event and rewards the wine makers for their year long hard work.


Can I be accompanied by a designated driver, or a significant other who is not wine tasting?
The ticket is meant only for visitors who are interested in wine tasting. Accompanying visitors can enter the cellars and enjoy the atmosphere or grab a bite at some of the restaurants.

What kind of food and beverages can I find at the event?
The wineries offer a wide range of snacks and meals, be it simple sandwiches, hearty soups or full meals. Detailed information will be included in the event catalogue that you will receive with your ticket. You can also visit local restaurants.

How will I get home from the event?
The event catalogue includes travel information towards Bratislava, Trnava and Šenkvice (the train station). The last round of shuttle service will get you to Šenkvice train station, where you can continue your journey by train to Bratislava. Contact numbers of local taxi services are also included in the catalogue.

Event information