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About us

Welcome to Modra, a town with distinctive character, where a peacefulness of a rural area is coupled with good accessibility, ancient history, centuries old pottery traditions, legacy of Ľudovít Štúr, breathtaking scenery and unique atmosphere.

Libera regia civitas, or the free royal city of Modra has always been a very influential settlement in the region of Malé Karpaty. During its long and varied history Modra has seen many changes in culture and political power and it has seen as many years of abundance as it has years of decline. The biggest influence on shaping the town we see today was without a doubt the cultivation of vineyards and the production of wine. It is mainly the wine culture that gives Modra its unequalled charm. Unfortunately, the long years of nationalizing, collectivization and demagogy have taken their toll. Luckily the uniqueness and the history cannot be diminished and even though the golden age of Modra is in the past, the town still has certain magic. One of the distinctive characteristics of Modra are its often hidden jewels – the wine cellars. While the cellars share their history and architecture, each one is special, with a unique and incomparable atmosphere.

The Modra Wine Cellars Days event was created in order to bring these forgotten treasures their old glory and to show visitors a piece of our cultural and technologic heritage. The event’s humble first year took place in 2004. Since then each year we greet more visitors, but also more and more cooperating wine makers. Around 35 wine cellars, 40 wine makers and 1500 visitors participate on the event each year and thanks to them the town blossoms.

As the visitors are becoming more interested in seeing the wine cellars throughout the whole year, a new project was created in 2015 – this tourism portal, where you can find a wine cellar for your current needs. Thanks to well-arranged menu and the town map you can easily search for a wine cellar – whether you want just a glass of wine or to organize a wedding. We know that for your perfect experience you will also need accommodation, restaurants or other attractions, therefore this information has been included on the portal in 2016.

As of now, our tourism portal will give you information on everything Modra has to offer to its visitors – wines, restaurants, hotels, nature attractions, historical attractions, pottery shops, museums, eco farm and wellness.

We wish you have a great time in our lovely town and hope you will be leaving with many unforgettable memories.