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Vinotéka Restaurant Lansfeld

If you are thinking about where to organize sitting simultaneously with professional tasting of wine, or you have got an idea a party with a pig roasted and tasting of quality wines from Modra. We offer to You stylish wine cellar. In these area you have absolute private becouse is not open for the public. Arched cellar has intimate atmosphere. In stands are showing a high-quality samples from different wineries of big names like Chateau Belá, Mrva&Stanko, Janousek, Rariga, Karpatska perla, Chateau Modra and the other from the world that You can taste the. Ordered tastings are to lecture directly by wine producer. You will learn not only taste wines but also about a producer, a tradition of growing grapes and his history. Perfect atmosphere is complemented by a fire in the fireplace, which the room revive, of course, adds a pleasant warmth.

  • Cellar opened on demand
  • 40 persons
  • sk, en, de
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