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logo Ing. Radovan Krajčovič – R. K. VIN MODRA

Ing. Radovan Krajčovič – R. K. VIN MODRA

The tradition of vine growing and wine making in our family is passed on from generation to generation. Of this years long tradition speaks our historical house with 400 year old wine cellar, where the air is brimming with the spirit of the history of grape processing, wine making and, at last, storing of this royal drink. In order to preserve this unique historical spirit, only the necessary renovations have been done in the yard, in the house and in the cellar that reconcile the history of the house with the present.

When visiting our wine cellar it is worth noticing the many coins lodged into the stone walls. The coins are left behind by our satisfied visitors and symbolize their hope that once again they will visit our wine cellar.

A part of the house was turned into a wine shop where we offer the wines we have produced.

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