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u Lukáču

We are a small family winery, wine making is our hobby we picked from our grandparents. A part of our winery is a small vineyard (0.25 hectares), which in the past provided important income for our family. Grapes grown in our small vineyard every year are processed in our humble cellar and we turn them into delicious wines that have body and soul.

Our annual production accounts for approx. 1,000 bottles. Despite the smallness of our vineyard we produce different wine varieties in small quantities of about seven new wines every year. White wine is mainly composed of Moravian Muscat, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, but you can also find here Veltlinek or Pesecka Leanka. Rose variety is Vavrinček, out of reds we offer only Neronet.

  • Cellar opened on demand
  • 10 persons
  • sk, en, de
  • Trnavská 39, 900 02 Modra – Kráľová, Slovakia
  • 48° 20’ 50.11’’ N, 17° 19’ 19.63’’ E
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  • +421 908883155
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